Op. Dr. Ozan ŞEN

I was born in 1977 in Isparta, as a son of teacher parents. When I was 9 years old, I had to stay in hospital for the treatment of a second-degree burn in my leg, and to shuttle between home and hospital for a long period of time, for medical dressings. During that process, I personally witnessed how the physicians and medical staff at the hospital served with devotion. In those years, I had already decided to become a doctor. I graduated from Isparta Anatolian High School, and began to study medicine at Ankara University School of Medicine in 1995. My purpose for going to medical school was already to become a surgeon. After completing my six-year medical education, I started my specialization in General Surgery at Ankara University again in 2002. After completing my specialization in 2008, I was assigned to Van Regional Training and Research Hospital for my compulsory service. After completing a 2-year compulsory service in a very intense work environment, I resigned and then completed my military service at Ankara Military Hospital. After my military service, I had the opportunity of working with Prof. Dr. Savas Kocak, one of the leading experts in breast and thyroid surgery in Turkey, who was also my teacher at the medical school. Afterward, I began to work in Mugla-Milas Private Izan Hospital, so as to be close to my family living in Bodrum/Gulluk.

I have always been interested in laparoscopic surgery from the first years of my assistantship, and I tried to improve myself accordingly. In 2013, I met bariatric surgery as a result of receiving a a telephone call from Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar, who was also my teacher at the medical school. After leaving the hospital, where I used to work, I came to Istanbul. I worked for 5 years in Istanbul Bariatrics clinic founded jointly by Professor Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel. During this period, I gained great experience in the fields of bariatric surgery, advanced laparoscopic techniques, and anti-reflux surgery. In 2015, I had the opportunity of working with Dr. Mitchell Roslin (world-renowned in the field of bariatric surgery) at New York Lenox Hill Hospital, 2 times at certain intervals. Together with Prof. Turkcapar, I attended a robotic surgery training course given by Prof. Dr. Eren Berber at Cleveland Clinic (the United States) in 2017, and I received a certificate in this field. I also had the opportunity to work as an observer with Thomas Ragula, and participate in bariatric surgery operations performed by him at Cleveland Clinic.

During this 5-year period, I attended many congresses at home and abroad, in the field of bariatric surgery, and had the opportunity of presenting our works at these congresses.

Our articles have been published in many journals, in the field of bariatric surgery and anti-reflux surgery. In March 2018, I resigned from my job at Istanbul Bariatrics. I still keep working with the same excitement and enthusiasm as the first day in the field of bariatric surgery, together with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar at our newly established clinic.
Since my childhood, my biggest passions have been deep blueness, free-diving, and spearfishing. I am married and have a good command of English.

Prof. Dr. Nuran Türkçapar

I graduated from Ankara University School of Medicine in 1990. I completed my specialization training in Internal Medicine at Ankara Training and Research Hospital, and then in Infectious Diseases at Ankara University School of Medicine. Then, after studying immunology for 1,5 years at Ankara University School of Medicine, I began to receive side-branch specialty training in rheumatology at the same clinic. After my side-branch specialty training in rheumatology, I was granted the title of Associate Professor in 2006 and the title of Professor in 2011. In addition to my clinical studies in Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology at Ankara University School of Medicine, I was also appointed to administrative positions in the Faculty Administrative Committee, and the Student Education Boards. I retired from the faculty in 2014, and began to work as a freelance physician in Istanbul. I have written many articles in my field, published at home and abroad. I have given lectures at many congresses, and have memberships in associations of rheumatology, internal diseases, immunology, geriatrics and infectious diseases.
The World Health Organization defines obesity as a non-contagious epidemic. Obesity is a systemic disease; even a syndrome that adversely affects many organs and systems, and laves damages. It leads to comorbid diseases in many systems, including cardiovascular diseases developing in a germless inflammatory environment(such as high hypertension, paralysis, elevated cholesterol levels, heart attack, vascular occlusion or coronary insufficiency), diabetes and resultant organ damages (such as neuropathy, ocular involvement, organ damages caused by impaired vascular structure), respiratory problems (such as shortness of breath and apnea), gastrointestinal and hepatic problems (gastro-oesophageal reflux, other dyspeptic problems, fatty liver), rheumatic damages (such as osteoarthritis), hormonal disorders, and cancer development (such as polycystic ovary syndrome). In brief, morbid obesity is a disease, for which an internal medicine specialist should evaluate the condition of the patient as a whole.
I will try to solve your internal problems by following up you for years in the preoperative and postoperative periods, so as to enable you to avoid physical and spiritual fatigue that you might suffer from being sent to different physicians and medical centers at every turn.
In evidence-based medicine, bariatric surgery is the only way to permanently get rid of morbid obesity, an increasingly widespread disease.
As an internal medicine specialist, I will be a part of this nice team, and will serve you for years before your bariatric surgery journey and also in your new life after surgery, with the sense of responsibility of being a person serving in a “Center of Excellence”. Everything is intended to provide you with a healthier and happier future.

Dyt. Göknel Dumanlı

After graduating from TED Ankara College, I went to Houston, Texas for training. At Houston University, I received Bachelor of Science Education in ‘Human Nutrition and Food’ as the principal branch, and in Psychology as a sub-branch. I studied my master’s degree in health management at Phoenix University. I completed my internship at Baylor College of Medicine, one of the most prestigious medical schools of the United States, and served as a research dietitian for 15 years at the cardiovascular disease prevention center of the same university.
In the meantime, I provided dietitian counseling service for patients preparing for bariatric surgery at Wellness Center affiliated to Methodist Hospital, headed by Dr. Peter Jones, who is also one of the executive physicians of the above-mentioned center where I worked. With this task, I entered the world of bariatric surgery, and became very impressed. I saw how such people suffering from obesity (morbid obesity in particular) changed physiologically and psychologically, and how they held on to the life again after surgery. Because the cost of these surgical operations are covered by the insurance institution in the United States, our patients were strictly followed up for a period of 3 months by dietitians, psychologists and internal medicine doctors. We prepared such patients for surgery by putting them on an 800-calorie-per-day liquid diet. At the end of the 3-month period, the evaluations were made, and then patients were taken under operation in cases where their condition allowed. As a center, we had more duties to perform at that stage.
At that center, I learned the importance of following up patients who had undergone bariatric surgery. I have witnessed how periodic examinations, post-operative diet and exercise, and dialog with the physician influence the success in the long term.
Meanwhile, when I researched whether such surgical operations were also performed in Turkey, I heard that our master Ahmet Turkcapar had begun to perform gastric by-pass operations in Ankara, and it made me feel very proud. Years later, I felt very honored to return to Turkey and begin to serve as a bariatric surgery dietitian in the strong team of our valuable master Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar, who is one of the doyens in this field.
My greatest goal is to stand with our patients, who decided to have bariatric surgery, in their entire life before and after surgery, and to see them gaining their new bodies healthily and happily.

Uzm. Klinik Psikolog Ezgi Deveci

I graduated from Istanbul University Psychology Department in 2009; and at the same time, I also studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations as a sub-branch. In 2012, I completed my master’s degree at Istanbul University again, in the Department of Applied Psychology, Health-Focused Clinical Psychology Program. I did my postgraduate thesis on psychopathology, dissatisfaction with body regions, treatment motivation and evaluation of eating characteristics in obese individuals, who are candidate and non-candidate for bariatric surgery. I’m currently continue my Ph.D. study on Psychology at Istanbul University again. Within the scope of the Ph.D. study, I investigate the incidence rate of eating disorders and the psychological, social and cultural factors causing these disorders. During my master degree and Ph.D. studies, I conducted supervision aided therapies and received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as in various individual and group psychotherapies intended for Clinical Psychology. I also completed the accelerated training program in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, organized by “The Linehan Institute”.
I became one of the conductors of research studies on the causes and effects of eating disorders, the factors affecting our perception of our body, the relationship between obesity and mood, and mood states of patients in the way to bariatric surgery; and I also presented these research studies at national and international congresses. In addition, I still continue to conduct individual and group psychotherapy for patients with weight problems and eating disorders.
Research studies show that obesity has genetic, environmental and psychological interactions, and brings along many medical problems. My first acquaintance with the psychological aspect of obesity took place during the Obesity Group Psychotherapy study conducted in Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Then, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Basak Yucel, I carried out psychological evaluations of candidates preparing for bariatric surgery, at Istanbul University again, and I witnessed how important psychological support is for the treatment compliance in bariatric surgery, especially in the postoperative period.
I think psychological evaluation and support conducted by a specialist are of great importance for enabling bariatric surgery patients to adapt more easily to their lives and bodies changed after surgery, change their habits, and adopt a new lifestyle. Therefore, I will be in Turkcapar Bariatrics team during your preoperative and postoperative periods, for enabling you to continue your treatment in a more healthy way both physically and mentally.

Işıl Acaralp (Bariatric Nurse)

After I have completed ten years of my nursing career as a Team Leader (Nurse) at Acıbadem Hospital, I became a part of Turkcapar Bariatrics family as a coordinator-nurse in September 2018. First, we meet our patients either on the phone or face to face, then, following their decision to have the surgery, comes the time to get ready for the operation. After the operation comes the follow-up process. When we witness the extraordinary and healthy changes in our patients’ lives after the operation, we feel as happy as they are. It feels nice to be a part of their journey to a new and healthy life.

Hande Alphan Karacaer (Blogger)

When she decided to have the gastric sleeve operation, she weighed 110 kilos. Thanks to her perseverance, she fell to 50 kilos. With her Instagram account, she became a role model for people who are struggling to lose weight. We have created a platform where she can explain how she made it and will share the recipes of her favorite healthy meals so that she can help many other bariatric patients. She became a part of our team as a blogger and her web site www.HandeninDiyetGunlugu.com will go online very soon.